See Our Featured Video in ECO Magazine

By: E. Zoe Walker

Environment, Coastal, and Offshore (ECO) Magazine has published a special digital issue about the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science, and LoVeSe-SDG has a video feature!

The issue has seven chapters, with each focusing on one of the aspects of ‘the ocean we want’, as outlined by the UN Decade of Ocean Science. The chapters are: A Clean Ocean, A Healthy and Resilient Ocean, A Predictable Ocean, A Safe Ocean, A Sustainable Harvested and Productive Ocean, An Accessible Ocean, and An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean. The issue covers an impressively diverse array of topics including coastal strengthening, emergency preparedness, renewable energy, aquaculture innovation, gender equality, and ecosystem stability – to name just a few!

The whole issue can be found online for free here:

But of course, of most interest to this site is the feature on the LoVeSe-SDG project! Our article gives an overview of what our large project goals are and the video outlines the main methods and approaches we use to achieve them. This is a great resource to learn the basics of our project, share our work with colleagues, and get inspired for future projects. Use the link below to jump right to our article

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